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About us

Any airbrake component requires more than a mere standard reconditioning or sales process. Technisch Bureau Holl therefore will never ask you to just recite the product number for what you need, but rather will seek out the very best overall solution for your individual situation. Complete and detailed knowledge and experience of every airbrake system for every truck, trailer or bus is therefore of immeasurable value.

Reconditioning is a unique process; one that we have been doing in-house for more than 45 years. Reconditioning is mostly carried out for the benefit of the Dutch market. As this involves the return of used units, it is less suited to the international market. However, we are always open and available to consider any request. All reconditioning work by Technisch Bureau Holl is carried out using only genuine Wabco, Knorr Bremse and Haldex repair sets.

Every client who contacts us will immediately place all parts of the company on standby; including the sales department, the various technical specialists and the distribution department. So the client can rest assured: if we are unable to come up with a solution, no one can.

Technisch Bureau Holl is the only supplier in the Netherlands specialising in airbrake systems. In Europe as a whole, they are among only a handful of companies concentrating on this field. We collaborate closely with all of these experts. This has enabled us to build up an impressive international base and facilitates the ease in which any question or problem can be rapidly resolved to the benefit of the client.

Due to cooperation with all the major manufacturers, we are able to supply the most comprehensive and widest range of all brands and types of airbrake components for trucks, trailers and buses. We work closely with manufacturers such as Wabco, Knorr Bremse and Haldex. Worried about airbrake problems? We have all the answers to reassure you, by delivering everything from standard solutions to the most exclusive components.

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Technisch Bureau Holl

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